From November 2nd to 5th

In Decentraland, Fortnite, and Hyperfy

Death comes to life in the metaverse

Once a year, we open the doors of the metaverse to the living and the dead, creating an interactive and vibrant blend of Mexican culture and cutting-edge technology.

Our mission is simple yet bold: to celebrate, remember, and honor those who have passed to another realm through immersion in the metaverse enriched with music, art, and games.

Last year, we held the Calaverse, the first Day of the Dead festival, combining music, art, and gaming experiences. Now, we're back, renewed and stronger than ever, rebranding our festival as 'Viva la Calaca,' bringing you the ultimate 3.0 experience of our traditions to the virtual world.

For 4 days we invite you to join us in Decentraland, Fortnite, and Hyperfy to live a unique experience dancing to the rhythm of our Calaca DJ.

In this virtual reality, no one will know who is alive and who is dead.

What happens in VIVA LA CALACA?


Musical performances in the metaverse featuring on-chain digital artists.


Exhibition of NFT art with Day of the Dead and Mexican culture themes in Hyperfy.


Competitive games in Decentraland and Fortnite to win NFTs and live the metaverse experience.


Exclusive digital pieces for festival attendees: La Calaverita, el Xolo, and el Catrine.



Viva la Calaca is the first and only 3.0 Day of the Dead festival with musical showcases, art, and games in the Metaverse.
You can use your web browser. Access each experience by clicking on the buttons that appear on the Viva la Calaca website.
Decentraland is a platform with a blockchain-based virtual world to ensure ownership and scarcity of virtual lands, which are owned by users to buy, sell, and develop parcels known as "LAND."
Hyperfy is a virtual world engine that allows you to own, build, and trade entire worlds in the blockchain-based metaverse.
Fortnite is a popular online video game that combines elements of action, survival, and construction in a virtual world. It is known for its live events where players compete individually or in teams to be the last ones standing while battling against other players.
MetaMask is a digital wallet and a browser extension that allows users to manage their cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based tokens. It also facilitates interaction with decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts on the Ethereum network, making it a fundamental tool for those involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.
It's not necessary. You can use the option to enter as a guest.
If it's your first time in Decentraland, you'll need to set up your avatar by selecting its appearance, clothing, and accessories according to your preferences. Afterward, you can access it from the backpack menu.
Wearables son elementos digitales que se utilizan para interactuar con tu avatar en un mundo virtual, son esencialmente la ropa y accesorios virtuales de nuestro avatar. Su naturaleza y utilidad varían según el entorno virtual en el que te encuentres. Estos activos digitales están respaldados por tecnología blockchain y pueden tener suministros y funcionalidades específicas que se gestionan de manera descentralizada.
Smart Wearables son muy similares a los wearables básicos pero con funcionalidades y utilidades más avanzadas para mejorar la experiencia con tu avatar en entornos virtuales.
Follow our official social media accounts, participate actively, and collect our POAPs. You'll have the opportunity to win exclusive wearables from the "Calaverse Collection"!
Visit the 'Our Collection' section on our website and select the wearable you're interested in. You will be taken directly to the Decentraland marketplace, where you can purchase it with a credit card or with Polygon's MANA.
The Calaverse is the metaverse of the dead.
Aplicación Plataformas Requisitos
Decentraland 💻 | 🥽 Minimum 16GB of RAM | MetaQuest VR
Fornite 💻 | 🎮
Hyperfy 💻 | 📱 | 🥽


Do you get excited by what you hear? JOIN US. 

We're going to change the way the world celebrates the Day of the Dead.

Explore with us the opportunity to participate and personalize a unique experience for you.

We look forward to having you on this exciting journey!

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